How it Works

1. Order your DockBox online for the upcoming holiday. 

2. Pick up your DockBox at one of our pickup locations.
Note -- Check your location ordering information for pickup days (located on the main ordering page).

3. Enjoy! Cook + eat your Local Ocean seafood in the comfort of your own home. 



How do I know when to order? Subscribe to our email list - we send out emails to announce when DockBox is available to order.  

When is the deadline for placing my order? 
  • Generally 2 days before the pickup day 

Help! I'm having trouble placing my order! Email us at info@localocean.net and we can help you get your order placed. 

I forgot an item, can I add to my order? Yes! Email us at info@localocean.net and we can add items to your order. 

I'd like to order more than one box, how do I do that? If you would like more than one box, please place a separate order for each box.  We assume that all items selected in one order are going to the same place and can be packed together. 

My plans changed and I need to cancel my order. Sure thing! You can view our cancellation policy here.  

Pricing & Fees

What is the minimum order requirement?  Our order minimum is $65.

Pick Up & Packaging

Where is the pickup location? 

Can I have someone else pickup my order? Totally!  Just make sure that they know the name and order number on the order.  The one exception is for orders containing alcoholic beverages - you must be present to pickup since we will check that the name on your order matches the name on your I.D.

Can I have my box delivered? We are not currently offering shipping.

Can I return the box?  No. However, we gladly accept the box liner and ice packs for sanitization and reuse.  Please recycle the cardboard box itself, as we are unable to sanitize those properly. 

Help!  I missed my pickup window! View our missed pickup policy here.  

Special Dietary Needs

I have a food allergy, where can I find information on ingredients?  For specific information on ingredients, please email us at info@localocean.net

Can you exclude or substitute an item from the meals?  No, we are unable to offer exclusions or substitutions for any reason.  We are happy to let you know exactly how items are packed and help you determine if it's possible to exclude a food item when cooking the meal.